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On August 28, 2019, Tetra Tech was awarded the USAID Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) program, a five-year, $48 million contract from the USAID Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and Environment. CCBO is the Agency’s flagship program to respond to the global crisis of marine plastic pollution, designed to focus on marine plastics pollution directly at its source in cities and towns, specifically in rapidly urbanizing areas throughout many low- and middle-income countries. Under direction from USAID, and in collaboration with global, regional, and local stakeholders, CCBO will test, scale, and share inclusive and sustainable reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) and Solid Waste Management (SWM) solutions in focal countries and selected cities.


USAID CCBO is the Agency’s flagship program to respond to the global marine plastic pollution crisis. The program was awarded to Tetra Tech and its team in August 2019. USAID CCBO has four objectives: Objective 1: Promote reduce, reuse, recycle (3Rs) and strengthen local and regional markets for recycled plastics; Objective 2: Build social and behavior change (SBC) for 3Rs and sustainable solid waste management (SWM); Objective 3: Increase capacity and effective governance of SWM and recycling systems; and Objective 4: Support international fora, public-private partnerships, and multi-stakeholder alliances.


USAID CCBO has selected three engagement sites in Indonesia to implement, test, and scale solutions over the life of the program: Kota Ambon, Kota Semarang, and Kota Makassar. Sites were selected based on USAID CCBO selection criteria and with consideration of priority areas for the national government of Indonesia and the USAID/Indonesia Mission. Across its sites, USAID CCBO aims to learn from and expand upon the success of proven initiatives by local government and non-governmental organizations.


One of the USAID CCBO activities under the “Promote reduce, reuse, recycle (3Rs) and strengthen local and regional markets for recycled plastics” objective, is to optimize the existing Small Material Recovery Facility or commonly known in Indonesia as Tempat Pengolahan Sampah Reduce Reuse Recycle (TPS3R) also the existing Waste Bank or Bank Sampah. The TPS3R and Waste Bank optimization will be done through a series of activities, namely TPS3R and Waste Bank Optimization Module Development, Capacity Building for TPS3R Operator, and Social Behaviour Change for Communities surrounding the TPS3R. The TPS3R Optimization Module Development activity will be done by USAID CCBO together with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MoPWH) because most of the TPS3R in Indonesia are built by MoPWH. As for the Waste Bank Optimization Module Development will be done by USAID CCBO with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), because they manage the network of all Waste Banks in Indonesia. To support USAID CCBO, MoPWH, and MoEF in developing the TPS3R and Waste Bank Optimization Module, USAID CCBO will need a TPS3R and Waste Bank Module Advisor.



The objective of this assignment is to develop National TPS3R Optimization Module for MoPWH and Waste Bank Optimization Module for MoEF.



  • Bachelor degree in any field
  • At least 8 years’ SWM experience
  • At least 5 years experience in working with TPS3R and Waste Bank operators also developing facilitation module
  • Excellent written communication skills in Indonesian
  • Able to develop facilitation programme and delivery of trainings and facilitation



The consultant will:

  • Work closely with the USAID CCBO Indonesia Team also with the MoPWH and MoEF
  • Conduct meetings, interviews, or brainstorming sessions for gathering relevant data and information with USAID CCBO’s grantees in Makassar, Ambon, and Semarang
  • Develop TPS3R and Waste Bank Optimization Module
  • Validate TPS3R and Waste Bank Optimization Module with relevant stakeholder
  • Finalize TPS3R and Waste Bank Optimization Module



The expected output and deliverables from consultant includes:



DeliverablesLoE (Days)

Due Date


Final TPS3R Optimization Module


1 month after contract


Draft Waste Bank Optimization Module


2 month after contract


Final Waste Bank Optimization Module


3 months after contract




The assignment will commence upon signing the service contract, estimated to be around August 2023. The Consultant has an estimated total LoE of 30 days spread over a period of 2.5 (two and a half) months with the possibility for extension.



The Consultant will submit a timesheet every month together with the relevant deliverables report. In consultation with the Country Director, the Solid Waste Specialist will review the monthly report and recommend to the Country Director for monthly payment.



The Consultant will report to the Country Director but will have the Solid Waste Specialist as the technical supervisor.



The Consultant might travel to other CCBO engagement sites or other cities related to the consultant’s task. The cost of travel in-country will be covered by CCBO.


Send your CV, Motivation Letter as long as with daily rate expectation to HRD Department of BINTARI Foundation to with the subject “TPS3R and Waste Bank Module Advisor” latest by August 6th, 2023 at 24.00 WIB.

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